Lesson 00: General Requirements for Tiva Laboratories

You will learn the ARM architecture in this session. You must purchase some hardware components and a development board and install all the necessary software (please see the detail below) on your PC (or Laptop) with a USB interface that runs on the Microsoft Windows 64-bit platform. Maybe you need a USB HUB with an external power source to provide enough current to the embedded system.

Components Required

You must have a TI Tiva C Series LaunchPad board and other components. I recommend you get TI EK-TM4C123GXL Board and Elegoo Complete Starter Kit. Some of the components in the kit may not be used in the "Tiva Lab," but they will be used for PSoC projects, or you can use it with other microcontrollers.

TI Tiva Development Board

The TI Tiva LaunchPad is an evaluation platform introduced by Texas Instruments for their Tiva C Series microcontrollers. These microcontrollers are ARM Cortex-M4F-based MCUs designed for various industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics applications. The LaunchPad has built-in peripherals, making it easy for developers to prototype and test their applications. With onboard emulation for programming and debugging and the support of TI's extensive software ecosystem, the Tiva LaunchPad provides an affordable and accessible entry point for embedded system development.

You can use EK-TM4C123GXL or EK-TM4C1294XL board and purchase it from ti.com or other vendors.


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