Lab 00: General Requirements for PSoC 5LP Laboratories

In this session, you will learn the Infineon advanced microcontroller — Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC). PSoC chips include a CPU core, mixed-signal arrays, configurable analog, and digital blocks, and programmable routing and interconnect. The configurable blocks in a PSoC are the most significant difference from other microcontrollers.

Infineon PSoC has five different families of devices, each based on a different microcontroller core:

  • PSoC 1 — CY8C2xxx series — Infineon M8C core
  • PSoC 3 — CY8C3xxx series — 8051 core
  • PSoC 4 — CY8C4xxx series — ARM Cortex-M0 core
  • PSoC 5/5LP — CY8C5xxx series — ARM Cortex-M3 core
  • PSoC 6 — CY8C6xxx series — Dual ARM Cortex-M4 and ARM Cortex-M0+ cores

You must purchase an Infineon PSoC 5LP development board and some sensor components in the PSoC Lab. You must also install PSoC Creator IDE software on your PC (or Laptop) with a USB interface and run on Microsoft Windows 7/10/11 64-bit platform. I recommend you to have oneUSB extension Cable and/or USB HUB that has an external power source to provide enough current to the whole embedded system.

Components Required

You must have an Infineon PSoC 5LP development board and other sensors. The following lists are some development boards that are based on the Infineon PSoC 5LP microcontroller:


PSoC 5LP Development Board

Infineon PSoC 5LP is a powerful microcontroller. It is based on an ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit core that can run at 80MHz. For this PSoC Lab, you can purchase the Infineon CY8CKIT-059 Prototyping Kit. It is an inexpensive board than others but does not support all of the PSoC 5LP functions. If you need a full-function supported board, or you are designing a mixed-signals system, you need to consider using EagleSoC boards or Infineon CY8CKIT-050 Development Kit.



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