Lab 10: Mesh and Nodal Analysis


  • Practice wiring several voltage sources on a bread board using one power supply.
  • Demonstrate the validity of Mesh and Nodal analysis through experimental measurements.
  • Use Loop currents to predict voltages across resistors and Node voltages to determine current through resistors.



The mesh analysis determines the mesh or loop currents of the circuit, while the nodal analysis will provide the potential levels of the nodes with respect to some reference. The application of each technique follows a sequence of steps, each of which will result in a set of equations with the desired unknowns. It is then only a matter of solving these equations for the various variables, whether they are current or voltage.




  1. The voltage (VR) across the 2 Ω resistor in the following circuit?
    1. 6 V
    2. 16 V
    3. -8 V
    4. 32 V
    5. None of the above
    Q01 Circuit

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