Lab 07: Basic Circuit and Divider Rules


  • Become familiar with and organize Circuit Kit for the semester.
  • Become familiar with a breadboard with the lab power supply and review the measurement of voltage, current, and resistance using a Digital Multimeter (DMM).


  • breadboard s Breadboard
  • Digital Multimeter (DMM)
  • Power Supply


Serial Circuit

01 SeriesCircuit

The equivalent series resistance Rseries is the sum of the individual resistances: \({R_{series}} = \sum {{R_n}} \)

Key properties of a series circuit are:

  1. the current through all components is the same.
  2. the voltages across all components must be added up to the source voltage, according to KVL:
    \(\sum {{V_n} = 0\; \Rightarrow \;{V_{source}} = {V_1} + {V_2} + {V_3}} \)


Parallel Circuit

02 ParallelCircuit

The equivalent parallel resistance Rparallel is given by: \(\frac{1}{{{R_{parallel}}}} = \sum {\frac{1}{{{R_n}}}} \)

Key properties of a parallel circuit are:

  1. the voltage across all components is the same.
  2. the current through all components must add up to the source current, according to KCL:
    \(\sum {{I_n} = 0\quad \Rightarrow \quad } {I_{source}} = {I_1} + {I_2} + {I_3}\)


\(\% Difference = \% diff = \frac{{\left| {Valu{e_1} - Valu{e_2}} \right|}}{{\left( {\frac{{Valu{e_1} + Valu{e_2}}}{2}} \right)}} \times 100\% \)



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