KB 05: Update the KitProg Firmware

The KitProg firmware normally does not require any update. But, if you have the following situations, you may need to update the KitProg firmware:

  • When you get a new PSoC Development Board and the board already has built a KitProg.
  • In the PSoC Creator, you see a warning message about the KitProg
    PSoCCreator KitProgNeedUpdate
  • In the PSoC Programmer, displays a warning message when the KitProg is plug into the PC.
    PSoCProg WarningFirmwareUpdate

You have to use the PSoC Programmer software to update the KitProg firmware. Before you launch the PSoC Programmer, close all PSoC related software.

  1. Connect the KitProg to the PC
  2. Start the PSoC Programmer.
  3. To update the KitProg firmware, select the KitProg, go to the Utilities tab on PSoC Programmer, and click Upgrade Firmware, as shown below.
    PSoCProg UtilitiesUpdateFM
  4. On a successful upgrade, the Actions and Results panel displays the firmware update message with the KitProg version, as shown in Figure.
    PSoCProg SuccessUpdateFW