Tiva Lab 01: Your First C/C++ Project for TI Tiva LaunchPad


  • Learn how to create a new C project using Keil lDE for TI Tiva LaunchPad Boards
  • Learn how to use #define statements to simplify or clarify the code

Required Reading Material

Background Information

Create a folder, named "EE3450", in your windows desktop. Then create following sub-folders inside the "EE3450" folder:

  • Common
  • ezTivaLIB

You have to install the Keil μVisio and the drivers for the TI Tiva LaunchPad board first, and then follow the next article to learn how to create a C project with Keil μVisio.

Lesson 07: Create an ARM C/C++ Application with Keil μVision MDK-ARM

In this lesson you will learn how to create a C/C++ language project with the basics of the Keil μVision MDK-ARM development system.



Add the definition file to your project.

  1. Using Notepad++ or other text editor to add the following definitions into the file, then save the file to Common folder that you created, named the file to "MyDefines.h"
  2. Go back to the Keil main window. Right click on "Source Group 1" and select "Add New Item to Group 'Source Group 1'..."

  1. Right-click on "Source Group 1" and select "Add Existing Files to Group 'Source Group 1'..."
    Keil AddExistFiles
  2. In the window that opens, change the location to the Common folder, then change the file type to Header File (.h). Select MyDefines.h file, or enter Name "MyDefines", click Add. and then click Close to close the window.
  3. Now you have already added a header file into your project.
    Keil AddedMyDefines.h
  4. Add the Common folder into the "Include Paths". Open the Option for Target window, change the tab to C/C++, then add the Common folder into the Include Paths.
    Keil OptionForTarget C Keil AddCommonToIncludePath
    Click OK to close the Options window.


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