FPGA Lab 03: 7-Segment LED and 2-Digit Counters


  • To become familiar with the seven-segment displays on the DE10-Lite board.
  • Learn how to use a lookup table to implement a 4-digit hex-to-7-segment decoder.

Required Reading Material

Background Information

Counters, as the name suggests, are for counting a sequence of values. However, there are many different types of counters, depending on the total number of count values, the sequence of values that it outputs, whether it counts up or down, and so on. The simplest is a modulo-n counter that counts the decimal sequence 0, 1, 2, ... up to $n-1$ and back to 0.

In this lab, you will design a counter that provides the following functions:

  • Can change the counter to count up or down
  • Can change the counting speed
  • Can stop the counter
  • Can preload the counter value

The top-module diagram is shown in Figure 1.

topModuleDiagram s
Figure 1: Top-module Diagram

Lab Experiment