COURSE: Embedded System - Cypress PSoC 5LP

Course Description

This course offers a board and deep understanding of embedded system by using Cypress PSoC 5LP micro-controller.

Brief List of Topics to Be Covered

  1. Introduction to Embedded System, Microcontroller and Microprocessor, Memory Technologies
  2. Cypress PSoC Microcontroller Architecture and PSoC Creator Development toolkit
  3. Sensors Technologies, Interfacing Technologies, and Communication Protocols
  4. Initialization and Configuration for PSoC Components in Digital I/O, System Clock, Timer, PWM, I2C, SPI, ADC and DAC
  5. Design a Custom Component using Verilog Code in PSoC Creator
  6. Data Acquisition and Embedded System Control Algorithms
  7. Read-time operation system design

Course Materials

Curriculum For This Course

1. Computer Fundamentals

1.1 Numbers and Number System

1.2 Digital System Fundamentals

1.3 Bitwise and Logical Operations

1.4 Electronic Concept and Components

2. Embedded System

2.1 Embedded System Architecture

2.2 Memory Technologies in Embedded Systems

2.3 Memory Characteristics

3. Communication Protocols

3.1 Types of Communication

3.2 Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus (I2C Bus)

3.3 Serial Peripheral Interface Bus (SPI)

3.4 Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter (UART)

3.5 1-Wire Communication

3.6 Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM)

3.7 USB

3.8 Wireless Communication

4. Cypress PSoC 5LP Microcontroller

4.1 PSoC Architecture

4.2 Mixed Signal Applications

4.3 Create Project using PSoC Creator

4.4 EagleSoC Boards

5. Advanced Programming Skills

5.1 Input Signal Edge Detection using Software

5.2 Set, Clear, Toggle and Check Bit Value

5.3 State Machines in C

5,4 Mathematical Statistics Functions


6. Embedded System in UML

6.1 UML

6.2 Use Case

6.3 Sequence Diagram

5.4 Statechart Diagram

6.5 Example Projects

7. Labs

Lab 01: First Embedded System - Controll LED without using C Code

Lab 02: Using Verilog Code to Create Components for PSoC 5LP

Lab 03: 4-Digit Seven Segment Display

Lab 04: Interrupting Keypad Interface and Calculator

Lab 05: PWM Controls RGB LEDs

Lab 06: DC Motor Speed Control

Lab 07: I2C Temperature Sensor

Lab 08: DS3231 I2C Real-Time Clock (RTC)

Lab 09: UART Communication

Lab 10: CapSense - Slider

Lab 11: Ultrasonic Sensor with Timer

Lab 12: Joystick with Analog Components

8. Real-Time Operation System

8.1 RTOS — μC/OS-III

8.2 RTOS — FreeRTOS

8.3 Inter-Task Communications (ITC)